Tuesday, 09 February 2016

Motorists angered as Walney roadworks cause delays

HIGHWAYS chiefs have come under fire after ‘mystery’ roadworks caused traffic chaos on Walney.

Cumbria County Council has been criticised for keeping residents in the dark over weekend roadworks.

Road repair work was carried out on stretches of Michaelson Road and North Road, both heading toward the island.

Throughout Sunday a backlog of traffic formed on either side of Jubilee bridge.

With traffic backing up to the Nautical Club, on the Promenade, frustrated motorists reportedly began skipping the traffic lights on the Walney end, in a bid to get off the island.

And some taxi firms even stopped taking fares to the island due to the lengthy delays getting on and off.

Barrow Cars driver Bob Forman, said: “We weren’t told they were happening.

“Yesterday it was taking a good 45 minutes to get on and off Walney.

“No matter which way you went you were stuck.

“It cost us a fair few fares. We had to give up a lot of jobs to Walney.”

Councillor Anita Husband, who represents Walney on Barrow Borough Council, said: “I think they tried to do the work over the weekend so there wouldn’t be as much disruption for schools and the like.

“The work needed to be done, it was just finding the right time to do it.”

A Cumbria County Council spokeswoman said the work carried out on Michaelson Road and North Road was minor patching.

But the spokeswoman said contractors Amey Mouchel were responsible for advertising any scheduled roadworks. She said: “We apologise for any inconvenience these essential works may have caused and we can confirm the works have now been completed.”

An Amey spokesman said signs had been put up informing people of the works.

He said: “We put up traffic signs one week in advance, to inform the community that traffic might be affected by resurfacing works to two roads on February 19.

“Work is now complete and motorists will benefit from a smoother road surface in the area.”

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It was as if the Amey workers had been briefed to cause the maximum disruption for the shortest bits of road dug up. It was ridiculous that both roads back into Barrow were closed simultaneously. Many of us would question whether there had been any prior warning, and again for the delays on Park Rd for an incredibly short piece of patching. When they put traffic control lights up, please let a decent number of vehicles through on each change.

Posted by Richard Scott on 22 February 2012 at 12:03

Dear townsfolk, can we please have permission to repair the roads you're always complaining about in the Evening Mail? What's that, we can't because it's an inconvenience at weekends? Imagine how we feel working when we could be with our families. We'll come back in a year or two, you ungrateful fools.

Posted by Albert Roadmender on 22 February 2012 at 11:05

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