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Firm set to create 80 windfarm jobs

AN ENERGY company is set to create up to 80 jobs in Barrow.


Dong Energy plans to build a warehouse and office facility at Barrow Docks ahead of the construction of the West of Duddon Sands windfarm.

The 108-turbine windfarm, which will be the third off the coast of Walney which Dong is involved with, will generate enough electricity to power 300,000 homes and construction is expected to begin in 2013.

Dong has submitted a planning application to Barrow Borough Council for a new 2,300 square metre facility, which reveals up to 80 jobs will be created.

If no major objections to the new building are received, the decision could be taken by planning officers and construction is expected to start later this year.

The news comes on the day new Energy Secretary Ed Davey was due to attend the inauguration of Dong Energy’s Walney Offshore Windfarm.

The application states: “The facilities will be used for operating and maintaining primarily the West of Duddon Sands Offshore Windfarm in the Irish Sea. This requires an estimated maximum of 80 employees.”

The new building will be 120 metres away from Dong’s existing facility for the Barrow Offshore Windfarm. Construction is almost complete on another facility for Dong, from which the Walney Windfarms are operated.

According to the plans “the office building will be for administration and running of the windfarm and associated work tasks.

They include the operation of the boat service to and from the windfarm and the welfare facilities for personnel working in the office and personnel visiting the windfarm.

A new dockside pontoon will also be installed alongside the new building, to allow workers to be transferred offshore.

A transport study stated the amount of traffic would be reduced during the winter months, because the weather would restrict the amount of work which could be undertaken offshore. Traffic would increase during the summer months and even be 24/7 at certain periods.

The new two-storey facility will include 75 car parking spaces and two warehouse bays, which would be used for between three and five HGV deliveries a day. The company was unable to confirm when the jobs would be open to applications.

But a Dong spokeswoman said: “Seventy-five is a predicted number and it’s too early to say exact numbers of positions there will be but there will be permanent technician and support staff posts. Also we will advertise locally and try to recruit from the area.”

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But a Dong spokeswoman said: “Seventy-five is a predicted number and it’s too early to say exact numbers of positions there will be

It's all here folks. An unidentified 'Dong spokeswoman' said the company doesn't know how many jobs MAY be created and yet the EM states it's 80!

Fake headlines are not the route to increases in circulation.

Posted by Tony on 15 February 2012 at 10:21

Thats Great News, But What will the People of Furness Gain from It, For Instance will there Be Jobs for Locals? Will It Lower Our Bills? & are there any Benefit to these Giant Carbuncles other than Politicians Egos?

Posted by Wally ! on 12 February 2012 at 01:50

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