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Calls for action to combat Walney ‘racetrack’

WORRIED families say a circuit of roads in their neighbourhood is being used as a racetrack – and action must be taken before someone is killed.

CONCERNED ABOUT SPEEDING: Councillors Frank Cassidy and David Marcus pictured in Biggar Bank Road, Walney. Residents have raised concerns about cars racing in the areas of Biggar Bank Road, Carr Lane and Ocean Road

Walney residents have recalled horror stories of cars racing two abreast late at night, in the early hours, and at weekends in the areas of Biggar Bank Road, Carr Lane and Ocean Road.

During a heated public meeting at West Shore Bowling and Social Club on Tuesday evening, they also told of overturning cars and crashes. Householders said they have called for speed reductions and traffic calming measures for years.

The meeting, arranged through county and borough councillors, heard Biggar Bank Road should be the main priority for speed humps as it is dangerous for children crossing the road to use the playgrounds, even though that section has a 30mph limit.

One resident said: “Are you going to wait for a kid to be killed before you change it?”

Some questioned if the whole ‘circuit’ should become 30mph.

Cumbria Highways representatives said speed humps on Biggar Bank Road could cost £33,000. The department said it is planning to monitor the roads to make assessments for traffic calming measures.

Police said last week they had carried out checks in Ocean Road during the daytime and eight speeding motorists were caught. They urged residents to help by providing car registrations.

Bob Bruce, 61, secretary of West Shore Bowling and Social Club and a Biggar Bank Road resident of 21 years, said after the meeting: “It’s got worse over the last 10 years. At 2.30am (on Tuesday) they were racing.

“Something has to happen or there will be a very serious accident.”

Mike Davis, who has a five-year-old son and has lived in Biggar Bank Road for eight years, said some people are speeding in excess of 70mph.

Mr Davis, 42, said: “It’s sickening because you know sooner or later someone will get killed.

“From the Round House they increase their speed. I’ve seen them race two abreast.’’

South Walney County Councillor David Marcus, who chaired the meeting, said: “I’ll work tirelessly, as will the borough councillors.’’

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Please no more speed bumps I don't think my car can take it anymore, I don't pay road tax to make sure my car is ruined everytime I go over one. I understand if you want traffic calming measures but don't ruin a decent road for considerate motorists.

Posted by Rachel on 19 December 2012 at 11:50

Residents say that cars are racing late at night and in the early hours of the morning..... so the police carry out speed checks "during the daytime"?. Presumably not catching any of the idiots such as the silver VW Polo and the black Honda Civic which hurtle around the Island. Am I missing something here. Do the police come out after dark?.

Posted by Walney man on 27 November 2012 at 18:54

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