Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Man found in 88-year-old’s Walney bedroom

AN elderly woman has described the terrifying moment she found a black-clad intruder in her bedroom.

The Walney resident, who wished to remain anonymous, was at her home in Bristol Street during the incident on Tuesday.

The grandmother-of-two had been having a hair cut in the kitchen of her property before the break-in, and showed her hairdresser out of the front door at around 2pm.

Shortly afterwards she headed upstairs and found a man dressed in black in her bedroom.

She told the Evening Mail: “I said ‘What are you doing in my bedroom?’

“He asked me if I was Angela, and said he was there to deliver a washing machine to Liverpool Street, and that he had come in through the back door.

“I said that was two streets away and he laughed and said he had the wrong house.”

Police have since determined that there was no-one in Liverpool Street called Angela expecting a washing machine.

“I showed him out of the back door and called my son.

“I just wanted him out of the house as quickly as possible,” the woman said.

Her son, who also wished to remain anonymous, said: “My mum called and said there’s a burglar in my bedroom.

“I asked my neighbour to call the police and got there as quickly as I could.

“The police arrived at around the same time and we searched the house.

“It was just panic really, she’s a vulnerable person, she’s got bad eyesight and her legs are shaky. What kind of man does this?”

The woman said: “I only slept an hour last night, I kept seeing him standing there, and today I’ve been constantly checking that the doors are locked.

“I have lived here for 64 years and I have never had anything like this before.

“I’m lucky really that he left and didn’t turn violent.”

Her son added: “She will feel like that for a while I think.

“It’s anger we feel now really, he’s lucky I wasn’t there.

“I have had a business burgled before and you don’t realise how it will affect you that someone has been in your personal space.”

The intruder, a white male, was described as being around 30 to 35 years old, about 5ft 7in, with black shaggy hair and a round, clean shaven face.

His accent was described as not local, and he was wearing dark clothing.

He was also holding a yellow notebook.

Police believe he entered the property through the front door while the occupant was having her hair cut.

Sergeant John Dilks, part of the team investigating the incident, said: “We have a number of detectives working on this case, and anyone with any information is asked to call Barrow CID on 101.”

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