Sunday, 07 February 2016

Furness patients help others with own web films

PATIENTS living with debilitating disabilities, illnesses or injuries are being called upon to help others cope with the same conditions

INSPIRED: Dr Muhammad Farhan Amin has started a website for patients to share experiences and remedies. He is pictured above with the website’s home page HARRY ATKINSON REF: 50042656B002

It comes as part of an innovative new project launched by Walney doctor, Muhammad Farhan Amin.

A partner at Burnett Edgar Medical Centre in Central Drive, Dr Amin is working independently on the scheme; a website via which patients can share their experiences.

He wants people to film themselves giving tips and advice, forming a huge network of support for as many different types of patients as possible. The idea came to Dr Amin in July 2010, while waiting for a flight from Dubai to Newcastle in the early hours of the morning. He said: “Next to me was an elderly man sitting and continuously writing in his notebook. After two hours, I finally asked him what he was writing.”

The man told Dr Amin he had Parkinson’s disease and people used to stare at him because of his tremors.

But, realising his hands did not shake as much when he wrote, he had started writing whenever he was in public. He said it had changed his life and he enjoyed going out again.

Inspired by this story, Dr Amin realised the value patients’ experiences and solutions could have for others.

He said: “People who experience certain conditions or injuries may have been left with physical or emotional difficulties, but can overcome them to be able to live happily. The aim is to give people inspiration and hope, to show them someone can go through what they’re going through and come out the other end still enjoying things.”

Dr Amin launched on Thursday.

Videos already featured include accounts of life after a stroke, with bowel cancer and with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, plus coping with a knee replacement, arthritis and an Achilles injury.

Dr Amin now wants as many people as possible to make their own videos and either upload them to the website or email them in.

To get the ball rolling, and for those who struggle with technology, he has set up some recording sessions next week in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesdayand Thursday and the mornings of Tuesday and Friday .

He also has appointments available for various dates between Monday January 14 and Friday 25.

Those who want to send in a video or book a recording slot should email or call 07415 975 830.

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